Fall Themed Activities

Resource Oct 02, 2020

As the weather beings to cool down, and the leaves begin to fall, it is clear to see Autumn is in full swing! The warm colors, falling leaves and cooler air screams new beginnings filled lots of fall themed activities. From spending more time outside to creating creative works of art, there are lots of ways to provide your child with sensory stimulation with an autumn twist. If you are looking for creative activities that you can enjoy with your child, look no further!

Enjoy the foliage

Watching the leaves turn colors is a major highlight of the autumn season. As the colors change and the leaves begin to fall, this brings about so many opportunities for fun and creativity with your child. Here are some easy ways you and your child can have fun with the foliage:

  • Match fallen leaves: Go for a stroll with your child and see if they can find matching leaf colors or sequence the fallen leaves in order from lightest to darkest.
  • Jump in leaves: Gather up as large of a pile of leaves as you possibly can. Let your kiddo take jumps, leaps and dives into your leaf bundles to feel the textures and hear the crunch!

Pumpkin patch fun

From carving to painting to cooking, pumpkins provide versatility in your fall themed activities. Check out a few ways you can enjoy pumpkin season with your child.

  • Painting pumpkins: Grab some paint and paint brushes and see what beautiful creations your child can create when painting their pumpkin. For a greater sensory experience, try skipping the paint brushes and let your child dive into the paint with their fingers to create a unique work of art.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Parents can cut open the top of the pumpkin and let your child dive in with their hands to fetch out as many pumpkin seeds as they can. Not only does this provide a squishy sensory experience, but you can also grill your seeds for a tasty snack!

Fun with apples:

If pumpkins aren’t your speed, then don’t you worry! Apple season also provides lots of built in fun!

  • Apple picking: Take a drive to your local apple orchard and pick lots of tasty apples with your little ones. Apple picking is a fun family activity that gives your child the chance to learn where their fruit comes from and experience all of the different colors, shapes and sounds of nature.
  • Apple stamps: Did you bring home too many apples to eat? That’s ok! Slice one or two in half to create your very own apple “stamp”. Your child will have a blast dipping their apple into colors of paint to create their own fall themed artwork.