Celebrating Thanksgiving This Year

Nov 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are all faced with the new challenge of navigating this holiday season during a pandemic. While this year many of our favorite traditions will be put on hold, this paves the way for new traditions or creative ways to celebrate this time of year with close friends and family.

This Thanksgiving is an opportunity to think outside of the box. You might see this as an opportunity to throw out the old play book and build in new traditions, or perhaps you are longing for ways to safely partake in your favorite traditions, while following local guidelines and restrictions. Regardless of which camp you fall into, we’ve put together a few low-stress ideas to celebrate the Thanksgiving season while remaining safe.

Dine Together Virtually

For some, the best part of Thanksgiving is gathering together in the kitchen to share in cooking duties. While we might not be able to physically cook together, with the marvel of technology, we can still simulate this activity. Try sharing recipes via excel spreadsheets and cooking together using a group video platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts. The Zoom platform has removed their 40-minute meeting limit for Thanksgiving, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company freely. Of course, dining together virtually has its challenges when you are limited to the small screen on your smartphone or a laptop. A way to enhance this viewing experience is to take advantage of other electronics you might have. Broadcasting your computer display on your TV can make your far-away family feel not so far away.

Turkey Trot and Drop

A ‘turkey trot and drop’ is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family, while also sharing the meals you have made. Get a list of all of those who would ordinarily attend your Thanksgiving celebration and as a group, agree on a date and time for the ‘trot and drop’. Try cooking meals or dishes in bulk and trotting from home to home and dropping off yummy dishes or treats for your friends and family to enjoy. While you might not be able to gather together as you normally would, this is still a fun way to get everyone involved, while also sharing a meal together. Consider dressing up in your most festive outfits, taking pictures and videos along the way for added fun and memories.

Dine Al Fresco

The mild weather in Northern California gives a unique opportunity to enjoy a socially distanced Thanksgiving gathering outdoors. Consider moving your celebrations from your indoor dining rooms, to the backyard or a nearby park. A potluck with designated food stations allows each household the chance to take turns safely dishing out their own plates.

We hope that you find these suggestions to be helpful to you and your family. We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!