Topics in ABA: Social Stories

Autism Aug 25, 2021

Getting children ready for activities or events they aren’t used to can be a tall task, and it’s even trickier if it’s to go somewhere they don’t enjoy. Today’s blog will talk about a tool that can potentially be a great help to prepare your children for situations like this: social stories.

A social story works by using a combination of words and pictures to explain an activity or event that is about to occur, and what to expect throughout that activity. They are also great for helping explain to your child what will be expected of them while the activity takes place and what may happen once it is finished. These stories can help reinforce appropriate behavior during an event your child may not like, such as a doctor’s appointment, as well as prepare for family outings that aren’t part of their typical routine, like a trip to the movies or the zoo. Social stories can also help children handle unexpected changes, such as a planned trip to the pool or water park getting cancelled at the last minute due to a storm, and major life events like having a baby.

If you’re interested in using social stories with your child, this link will provide you with several free-to-download stories from a wide range of categories. Additionally, if you prefer to create your own social stories, you can click here to learn how to make them yourself. It may also be helpful to print off an extra copy of a social story to keep with you during big events, as some children may need occasional reminders throughout the day.

Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful, and makes it easier to plan your future family outings so they can be more fun and less stressful. If your child is currently receiving services with us and you would like more information on social stories, please reach out and we can help tailor them to fit your child’s specific needs. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest blogs for more tips and guides, and follow us on social media to see what’s new at Golden State. Have a great day!