Creative Ways to Beat the Boredom

Apr 28, 2020

Feeling like you’re running low on quarantine activities? Or maybe you are missing out on creative ways to keep your little one engaged. We know it can be hard to fill your child’s day with fun and stimulating activities. We have put together some of our favorite activities to keep you and your little one energized and making lasting memories while at home!

Nail Shop!
For this activity all you need is a black sharpie, cardboard, A few different colors of nail polish and some little hands! Trace a set of hands onto your cardboard. Set out the colors of polish and watch your little one perfect their technique while practicing staying within the lines!

Bouncy ball art

For this activity all you need are bouncy balls of various sizes (marbles work too!) paint, blank paper and a tray. Put the paper on the tray and add a little pit of paint. Place your bouncy balls or marbles on the tray and let your little tip and tilt the tray to roll the balls in the paint all over the paper!

Letter painting

Write the letters of the alphabet on construction paper. Provide your little one with paint and a few Q-tips. Your little one can practice tracing letters in this fun and creative way!

Hide + seek, with a twist!
Cut out small pieces of paper and have your child write the letters of their name on each piece. Then hide the pieces around the house and count to 10! Have your child search around the house to find the pieces and practice putting the letters back in order to spell their name.

Invisible ink!
For this activity you will need a white crayon, white paper and watercolor paints. Have your child draw a picture of their choosing on white paper. Then give them watercolor paints for them to paint on the paper and watch their creation magically appear!

These are just a few ways to keep your family entertained during this time. Of course, there are so many others, and with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless! Here are some more options we think you mind enjoy

  • Homemade slime! This is a fun sensory activity for kids of all ages
  • Video journals. It is so rare for us to have so much extra time at home. You can make lasting memories by making a video journal of your time quality time and silly activities!
  • Let’s experiment! Try some of these at home science experiments.
  • The floor is lava! Get creative, set out chairs and throw pillows etc. Try to get from one room to the other without touching the floor.
  • Activity stations. Put pictures of different activities around the house ( e.g. jumping jacks, toe touches etc.) and time your child as they complete each station. You can play this over and over and have your child try to beat their own personal best.
  • Go Noodle! This platform has a variety of movement and mindful activities everyone at home can enjoy.
  • Gross motor tic-tac-toe. Fill a tic-tac-toe grid with different actions ( i.e. slither like a snake, run like a cheetah). Your child must complete the action before putting the X or the O in the space.

We hope these ideas are helpful and help to spark the creativity in your homes!