Autism Acceptance Month 2021

Autism Apr 14, 2021
Golden State Awareness Month 2021

April is Autism Acceptance month! This month is dedicated to spreading acceptance and awareness about autism spectrum disorder and all the unique qualities that make each individual with autism special in their own way. While the month of April shines a light on autism and growing awareness, it is also a time to strive for continued acceptance for all the unique individuals in our communities.

It is always exciting getting to celebrate the successes and individuality of all of our clients, however this April, we are also dedicated to growing community-wide support and awareness. Our dedicated staff participated in Light it Up Blue on April 2nd , along with their clients, to show support for the autism community. They also lit their homes and communities up blue by demonstrating their favorite activities while rocking their blue attire.

Our staff are committed to growing autism awareness and acceptance not only through our work with clients, but also by talking to our friends and family about the broadness of the autism spectrum, looking to see how we can learn from other people’s differences and also taking the time to engage with others through kindness.

Throughout April our clients have shown off their individuality during our Spirit Week by dressing up with their technicians as well as getting creative through specialized art projects. We have loved getting to see their creativity on display and cannot wait to see all of their beautiful creations in our upcoming virtual gallery.

We are grateful to all of those who help support individuals with autism not just this April, but throughout the entire year. Your efforts and continued dedication help transform our community to a place where those with autism are respected and valued.